Terms of service

The domain www.zefiroplatform.com has been registered by Kaleidos Studio srls, via delle Piante 2/b Merano (Italy). VAT no.02922390212, business register code BZ-216877.
For every questions contact us at info@kaleidosstudio.com or kaleidosstudiosrls@pec.it

In these Terms of service, the parties agree on the definition of the following terms, whether in singular or in plural:
“Application”: software designed to be available to the public to download from a platform such as Appstore® or GooglePlay® and to be run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
“Customer”: person or company that register in order to develop Applications in accordance with the present contract terms.
“Zefiro”: computational platform built and managed Kaleidos Studio srls where the Customers are able to develop their own Applications.
“Website”: is referred to the website www.zefiroplatform.com.
“Plan”: the plan manages the price, the number of push notifications and all the services that are connected to a specific Application created through Zefiro. To read the detailed description of the Plans offered by Zefiro go to the dedicated page.
“Developer”: person or company that, after registered on Zefiro, creates and publishes Applications.
“Service”: bunch of services made available by Zefiro and consisting mainly in creating and publishing Applications.
“Application User”: everyone who downloads and has access to any Application developed through Zefiro.

Acceptance of contract
The use of Zefiro to build Applications is offered subject to the Customer's acceptance without modification of all the present contract terms and all other operating rules governed by the Plans, policies (including, without limitation, Zefiro’s Privacy Policy) and procedures that may be published from time to time on the Website. ATTENTION: the Terms of service can change with time. It is Customer's responsibility to access the Website regularly to be informed about the updates.
By accessing or using any part of Zefiro, the Customer agrees to become bound by the present Terms of service. If the Customer does not agree to all the Terms of service, the Customer may not access to Zefiro.
Zefiro is available only to companies and individuals who are at least 18 years old.

Description of the Service
Zefiro provides an online platform that enables the Customers to create their own Application and publish it through the online store Appstore® or GooglePlay®. The Service includes as well functionalities enabling the Customers to update the Application and the related content.
The period of time required for the publication of an Application on such stores may vary from one store to another. The Customer is warned that Appstore® and GooglePlay® may not publish an Application not meeting their own technical criteria or violating their own applicable general terms and conditions. Zefiro cannot be held responsible for such mishap. The Customer is warned he or she has to comply with such applicable conditions that may regulate the type of disclosed content as well.
When publishing an Application, the Customer is requested to choose a Plan(Iron or Silver) that governs the number, the type, the accessibility of the proposed functionalities and the price. If the Customer does not choose a specific Plan in the dedicated section ("Upgrade the Plan")the publication of the App in not going to be performed. A detailed description of the offered Plans is available at this address: