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Questions & Answers

Q: Is it required to have a developer account on Google Play or iTunes?
A: Yes, in order to publish an app on the online stores it is required a developer account. If you don't have a developer account, for Google Play you can use for free the developer account of Zefiro. Otherwise, we would be glad to help you to create your developer accounts on Google Play or iTunes.
Q: How many Applications I am able to publish with a Plan?
A: You can publish one app
Q: What happen when I reach the expiration of my plan?
A: Before it happens, you will receive an email. The plan on Zefiro will be automatically renewed unless you disable the renewal process.
Q: What happen when I reach the expiration of my plan?
A: Before it happens, we'll send to you an email to warn you. You'll be able to upgrade your app plan in time. If your plans expires, your app will become blank.
Q: After the plan subscription how many working days are needed in order to publish the app in the online stores?
A: Within 5 working days we'll publish the app in Google Play (Android) and send it to the mandatory review for the publication on iTunes (iOS).This time is needed in order to let us otpimize your app and guarantee an amazing user experience