Create your first native app for Android and iOS

Hi to everyone, let's start creting together your first App on Zefiro!

Watch the video and you'll see that in a few steps you'll bel able to create your own App: just subscribe your account on Zefiro, give a name to your project e choose template and theme!


Do you want to customize your app from start? Then choose the empty template, if you want instead to advertise an event or you have a blog Zefiro offers you a template specific for you.

Now you just should imagine your app, try different background images, changes text font and colors.

Do you want to test the final effect of your App? Download the App Zefiro Preview and have a look at the preview of your App, are you satisfied with the app? Ok, well done! Now publish it.

You can find the Zefiro Preview App on the Google Play Store: Zefiro Preview on Gloogle Play Store

and on AppStore: Zefiro Preview on AppStore

See you soon with another post!

Zefiro Team