Customer engagement with apps

How to engage your customers with an app?

Customer engagement with an app

Apps can offer a wide range of tools in order to improve customer engagement and to create a network with them. If you can use an app in the correct way you will be able to create a special relationship with your customers, that will come back and can speak with their friends about you and your business.

What kind of tools are offered by an app for a powerful engagement strategy?

First of all push notifications: you can send a short message that keeps your customers informed about discounts, special prices or events. This message will arrive on the mobile devices of the customers who have installed your app. In this way you will get two results: first, you will send an information, second, this will be a wonderful opportunity to remind your customers of your business.

Another possibility is given by the blog: you can write articles about news related to your business and the app will be able to display the new contents without the need to publish it again. Are you a lawyer? You can speak about topics that can be interesting for your customers. Do you own a hotel? You can describe possible itineraries or inform about events in the area. Do you sell clothes?  you can propose articles about fashion.

Apps allow also links to your social accounts and multimedia: keep your customers updated with news.

Apps can really be a great help to improve your customer engagement strategy, The AppBuilder Zefiro offers you all the tools in order to create a strong network with your users.