How to find new customers and improve customer engagement strategy: with an app

How to find new customers and improve the customer engagement strategy?

This question is very important for all entrepreneurs and the answer is crucial because the ability to find new customers and to create a network with them is the heart of the business.

Un'app per creare un network con i clienti

Of course offering a high quality product is essential but not enough. Competition on the internet is very strong, there are plenty of offers and in this situation how is it possible for a SME to stand out?

The solution could be an App. Do you know the icons on the screen of your smartphone or tablet that allows you to enter your facebook account or watching videos on Youtube? We are speaking about this. And you should not think that apps are just for big businesses, on the contrary in 2017 more than half of all the SMEs will have an app for their business in order to sell, rent, send push notifications to keep the customers informed about discounts, special prices, manage loyalty cards or describe the business. In fact most of the people have a smartphone or a tablet and if you want to keep up with the times you should consider to reach your customers on mobile, remember: mobile first

The prices for an app are, nowadays, not too high, in fact there are the AppBuilders, online platforms that allows you to create your own app. Zefiro is an AppBuilder, one of the most simple and intuitive among all the platforms that you can find on the internet, and it offers you innovative funcionalities that will make your app amazing, enjoyable for your customers and abe to grow your business.