Welcome Zefiro: the new platform to create app

Hi to everyone and welcome to Zefiro Blog, the official blog of Zefiro!


What is Zefiro? OK, in a few words Zefiro is a platform that allows you to create app for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Is Zefiro for all? Absolutely, everyone can use it, create an account and start developing his or her idea of app without any need to insert parts of computational code. Enjoy the app creation,  apply different background images and  choose the app content. Creating app is pretty fun!

Why Zefiro? Zefiro is simple, intuitive, fast and gives you the possibility to customize your app, if you want. Ok, you can reply that you don't have much time to think about details, structures of app and so on, don't worry, Zefiro has also templates ready to use  it. For example, you'd like to organize an event and an app should be a powerful tool to advertize it, you just should insert in our template the name of the event, the location, an email to contact you as well as the link to a facebook or twitter page and Zefirro'll generate automatically an app with the information you gave.

And as for the optimization? Maybe you have experience in developing app and you remember that optimizing all the devices of different sizes and with different operative systems was a quite creepy experience.



Good, you can simply forget all your great deal of effort because Zefiro is able to automatically optimize the app you just created for every mobile devices, of all sizes for both Android and iOS operative systems!

It's all for our first post, see you soon with news, advice and info about the Zefiro world! Hope you'll follow use!

Zefiro Team