Create the app for your hotel

Apps for hotel have a lot of benefits: you have the opportunity to create a network between you and your customers, that, if they will enjoy their holiday, will be back in your hotel and maybe will use the booking form in the app to book a room directly from their smartphones, you can give important information about the daily menu or you can propose tourist routes or events.

Create your hotel app

An app for your hotel could be really a great help to promote your activity.

With Zefiro, the online Appbuilder, it is very easy and enjoyable to create your app. You have just to open the website, register for free and begin to create. Choose your style, customize your app and add the contents you want. Here a list of possible contents that could make your app a powerful tool for you and your customers:

  • Image galleries: describe the location, your hotel or the services that you offer. Show the tasty dishes of your restaurant!
  • Booking and contact form: for your returning customers it becomes very easy to book their holiday thanks to the form in the app, they just have to indicate the date of arrival and the number of nights.
  • Menu: propose your daily menu, add images and descriptions
  • Services: do you have a spa? A swimming pool or a gym in your hotel? Describe all your services
  • Itineraries: your hotel is a wonderful location for touristic routes or to visit monuments? Add maps with the most important places or propose itineraries
  • Events: all during the year interesting events are organized for tourists, that sometimes don't know about these dates. Create a list in your app with the most important events and send a push notifications to say that an event is about to begin
  • Discounts: keep your customers updated with special offers or dicounts, send them a push notifications in order to inform about the news

These are just some examples but the point is that an app can be very helpful for you and your business.