Make your own app with the App Builders


in the last post we talked about how it is important to have your own app if you need to reach more people, increase your visibility and money. Today I say also that on the basis of data people are spending more and more time surfing the internet and mostly of this time they are using mobile devices, smartphones and tablets and consequentely apps. Apps are becoming ever more important.

In this post we'll talk about App Builders, such as Zefiro. They are online platforms that allow people to create their own app. But you can find a lot of App Builders with different products and prices. Which App Builder can you choose? The only way is to try them and use the free trial periods that sometimes are offered. Now we'll see together the features that an efficient App Builder should have:

Zefiro Platform: to create app

1) Simple, intuitive, fast: you should not suffer while you are using the platform

2) The final apps sould be optimized for all mobile device and for the two major operative systems: Android and iOS.

3) Using the final apps should be an enjoyable experience. The apps have to be simple to be used, fluent, without grainy and blurry images (unless so are the original ones), and should work also in case of internet connection lack  thanks to internal cache.

4) You should be able to send push notification.

5) Upgrading apps should be easy and should be done everytime you need.

6) App Builders should not be too expensive but also not completely for free. In fact, a good service costs, not too much because otherwise you don't have benefits, but take into account that App Builders use servers and what you see is the final work of a team, so for thi reason if you want an efficient service able to satisfy your users you should consider a cost. But generally you can choose among more plans the one that is more suitable for you than the others.

This is the official blog of Zefiro, our online platform, that we've created in order to make it as close as possible to these requirements. The Zefiro interface is based on the drag and drop method, this means that you can choose the elements you like, such as texts, images, galleries, video and much more contents, and drag where you want. Easy, isn't? But this doesn't mean  a less impressive final result, on the contrary your apps are optimized for smartphones and tablets of all the sizes on both Android and iOS but you created your app only once! 

Ok, now you just should try Zefiro and we'll see soon!

Zefiro Team