Optimize your online and mobile presence

Do you want to optimize your online presence and enhance the experience for customers and users? In this post we'll see how to improve the mobile and online presence in order to increase visibility, earn more money and win customer loyalty.

SEO - optimize your web site

Now some pieces of advice:

1) First step of SEO (Search engine optimization): has your web site the right keywords? People surf the internet and serach on the browser what they need in the moment that they need it and if you use the searched keywords then it is easier that your web site will be visualized. How can you find the right keywords? Try to ask yourself what you'll search in order to find the product or service you are offering. 

2) You should offer a responsive web site, this means a mobile optimized web site. Nowadays people prefer smartphone and tablet rather than pc, remember mobile first: for this reason a not optimized web site causes a bad user experience and the customer can prefer the web site of your competitors with an optimized web site and with a great user experience.

3) The app can make the difference: the icon of your app always visible on the smartphone of the customer, updated with the last news, discounts and special offers. An app that offers direct and fast contacts, push notifications, that allows you to create a network between you and your customers. An app that gives the possibility to order, book and buy from the smartphone. Creating an app can be cheaper than you think, if you use an appbuilder, like Zefiro.

If your activity satisfies all these three points then your online presence is really great, but if not think about and try to improve your online and mobile presence: your competitors are already doing it!