Why is it important to create an app from a blog?

People with a web site know this: writing a post is very fascinating. You can reach a wide range of people,say what you think or the news and for some people this is a job but, we can say, a challenging job. Then, you should increase the visits, let people know that your blog exists, involve them and an app created from your blog could be very useful to reach this goal.

Create an app from your blog

In an app you can collect the blog contents, as well as add sections and make your app more interesting. When you add a post you can inform your readers with a push notification that arrives immediately and so you can keep the users up-to-date and they will be able to share your post or news and increase your visibility.

Creating an app from a web site is also a way to let other people know you better, to build relationships with the readers that will not stumble across you by surfing the internet but they will find you because they want you, they downloaded your app and see it on the screen of their smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, people spend more and more time by surfing the internet and in particular through mobile devices and consequentely apps, so you can understand how important is an app. A web site is often not optimized for smartphones and, in case of internet lack, you cannot read anymore. On the contrary apps have internal cache and this allows you to visualize pages also with connection issues.

With an app you can also earn money: you can sell apps on the stores or you can add an adv banner. When a user click on the adv banner your revenue will increase.

But how can you create an app? If your are not app developer don't worry, there are indeed online platforms, such as Zefiro, that are able to create your app from your blog in a very few steps. You can modify all the details by changing colors, texts or images in order to express your idea, yourself, or you can also use the templates that in less than 5 minutes allows you to have your own fantastic and powerful app.In the next post we will see how to create an app from a website with Zefiro! The result is a nice app, fluent and rich in contents, your contents!


Zefiro Team