Why app?

Yes, why should I have an app? I mean, I have a web site, is it not enaugh to gain visibility, reach a higher number of users or fans or customers and hopefully increase money?


Apps are important to reach more and more people

Ok, a web site is a good starting point, but an app gives you something that the web site isn't able to offer. Think, your app and consequentely you with your ideas, news or products are always with the users, who can access in a very easy way to these contents everywhere and everytime, without the need to search the web sites that sometimes is not optimized for smartphones and tablets. In a touch a content of the app can be shared and can reach more users. Or your customer is able to get in touch with you. And at the same time you are able to get in touch with your customers/users/fans thanks to the push notification to annunce news or new posts.

Apps can increase your visibility, in fact the icon of the app is always on the screen of the user device, it is like a reminder.

And from an app you can also make money. You can indeed add advertising banners and when the users click on these banners you can earn money! But with an app it is also possible to add e-commerce pages and increase your money.

Finally, an app is your presentation. If you have an app, you offer something more than others, but an app should be good. It should be fine to use an app. An app should be quick and fluent but with contents, well designed but you have to take care not to exceed with images or colors because the risk is to bore. What I'd like to say is an app is an excellent advertising, because if the final result is enjoyable then people'll use it and the users'll increase.

But how can you create an app? If you are good at programming you can make it on your own,another possibility is that you can contact a team of app developers but this could be very expensive, in fact creating apps costs but also upgrading app costs, and if you think not to upgrade an app change your mind because apps with old contents and structure are even worse than not having an app at all, or you could try the App Builders, like Zefiro, online platforms that allow people who are not developer expert or do not have time to create their own app.

In the next post we'll see what is offered by the App Builders e how to use it!

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